What to Look for in an ELD

Stephen G. Eick 25-Jan-17 Motor carriers, fleet service providers, and owner-operators have until December 18, 2017 to implement and an ELD solution.  At a fundamental level, all ELDs are the same.  Compliance is compliance.  Every certified ELD solution must meet FMCSA’s § 395.20 regulations.  But what should potential customers look for in an ELD?

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Should a Fleet Install AOBRDs with a Migration Path to ELD?

Stephen G. Eick 16-Dec-16 Just over a year ago the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published the final electronic logging device rule – or ELD mandate –  on December 10, 2015.  The ELD mandate contains a new set of regulations, § 395.20, that define a new class of device called an Electronic Logging

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Why is ELD Software so Difficult to Write?

Stephen G. Eick 14-Dec-16 At VisTracks we do white label ELD software.  As the CTO of the company I’m often involved in talking with customers and prospective partners.  A common question is “ what makes ELD software so difficult?”  Over the last two weeks I was asked this question three different times.  Once by

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AOBRD vs ELD: What’s the Difference?

Stephen G. Eick 13-Dec-16 AOBRDs Meet FMCSA’s 395.15 Regulations An Automatic on-board recording device (AOBRD) is an electric, electronic, electromechanical, or mechanical device capable of recording driver’s duty status information accurately and automatically as required by § 395.15. The device must be integrally synchronized with specific operations of the commercial vehicle in which it

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