Cellcom Partners With VisTracks to Deliver Fleet Tracking Service

Lisle, IL (June 2, 2015) – Managing a fleet of vehicles can present challenges to businesses. Fuel consumption, vehicle effectiveness and employee behavior can add up to large business expenses without accurate and real-time data to identify efficiencies and determine where improvements can be made. Cellcom has partnered with VisTracks to develop Cellcom Fleet, a fleet tracking service that utilizes Cellcom’s network and a GPS modem to give businesses in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan the tools they need to get the most from their vehicle resources.


The Cellcom Fleet solution powered by VisTracks provides complete, up-to-the-minute data on vehicle or fleet activities in a centralized, web-based interface. Companies can reduce fuel costs and ensure high safety standards by monitoring driving behaviors for excessive idling and speeding, manage productivity by monitoring current location, quantity of stops and length of stops ensuring drivers are en route, on task and on time, and increase efficiency and enhance customer service by using location data to quickly dispatch drivers.


“Fleet tracking solutions were previously a tool that came at a high price making it cost prohibitive to small and mid-sized businesses,” says Abraham Levine, VisTracks’ Chief Operating Officer. “With VisTracks’ technology, Cellcom business customers of all sizes can realize the benefits from the Internet of things and successfully compete in their industries with this easy-to-use and cost-effective service.”


“With Cellcom Fleet businesses can monitor and manage vehicles and drivers to simplify operations and reduce costs while improving customer service, productivity and safety,” said Dan Fabry, Chief Operating Officer at Cellcom. “The solution empowers companies by providing detailed data from their vehicles helping to make decisions that create efficiencies and positively impact the bottom line.”


Cellcom is an example of how wireless carriers can diversify by adding non-traditional service offerings for its business customers. According to Fabry, “Cellcom Fleet provides our customers the flexibility to better manage their business. Additionally, it expands the offerings from Cellcom to incorporate the advancements of wireless and the needs of our customers.”


About VisTracks
VisTracks is a leading provider of software and managed services for electronic logging of driver hours of services, vehicle and asset tracking and inspection, electronic work orders, and other services which enable fleets large and small to benefit from compliance and increased efficiencies in an extremely easy-to-use driver app and back-office portal. Services are designed to be sold by wireless carriers to their small-medium business customers without requiring any in-depth expertise or significant capital investment. For more info visit


About Cellcom
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