VisTracks services are provided by our partners. Our partners consist of Telematics Service Providers, wireless carriers, independent dealers, systems integrators and others. If you are an end customer, please contact one of our partners below.

Partners can white-label VisTracks services. That is, the name, branding, access URL are entirely configurable by the partner to reflect their ownership of the service. Our name or brand marks do not appear anywhere in the system. It takes just a few minutes to brand the service and you’re ready to go.

For the VisTracks Hours of Service Gold portal, no software is installed on the partner site (or on the customer’s). VisTracks is hosted on Amazon’s cloud for reliability and capacity. As a partner, you only need to provide the required marketing, sales and customer service training.  For the tablet or smartphone, software does need to be installed on each device.  This is done by downloading the software from the Google Play Store or the iTunes app store.  The apps are white-labelled just as is the portal.

VisTracks is the ideal partner. Partnering is fundamental to our value. Besides the list above, here are some key reasons to become a VisTracks partner:
  • No capital expense to get started, other than a one-time nominal fees to brand the tablet or smartphone apps
  • Minimal operational expense to get started
  • Minimal support expense
  • VisTracks Hours of Service and add-ons are in demand across the country and the world
  • Suggested list and wholesale prices are among the lowest in the industry
  • Great opportunity for high gross margins on both hardware and software
  • We provide superior support to our partners
  • We are extremely flexible, will work with you to get the sale
For our partners, we also provide:
  • A complete hosted service which is easy to white label
  • Branded tablet and smartphone app white-labelled and available to the partner to post on the partner’s Google or iTunes account
  • Branding and custom URL or iFrames capabilities for customer portal access
  • Operational documentation
  • On-screen user documentation to virtually eliminate “how to” support calls
  • Onsite sales and support training
  • Second tier customer service (partner provides first tier)
  • PowerPoint and data sheets, customizable by partner to their customers
  • Introduction to other non-competitive partners to learn from their experiences
  • Introduction, if necessary, to hardware distributor partners
  • Training/demo videos
  • We provide a rich set of API’s for integration of the VisTracks Hours of Service Gold portal to our partners’ portal, and even provide for our partners to develop their own portal and use the API’s to directly access the VisTracks Hours of Service Gold database. In addition, our Android app and be integrated with our partners’ own Android app along with single signon capabilities


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