VisTracks Announces DOT-Compliant Electronic Logging to Fleet Customers

LISLE, IL (June 1, 2015) –VisTracks, provider of an industry-leading family of M2M and fleet technologies has announced its new SnapTraq™ Hours of Service Suite of DOT-compliant tablet and portal managed services. SnapTraq Hours of Services is solely available through VisTracks’ partners under the partner’s own brand.

The United States Department of Transportation has issued mandates for fleets to maintain electronic logs to ensure driver compliance to hours of service, rests, vehicle inspections and many other rules.  Moreover, many states have issued their own rules for in-state drivers.

The VisTracks service suite is a US Department of Transportation-compliant tablet app and portal which will enable drivers to keep electronic logs of their driving status using DOT nomenclature, be warned of impending violations, provide for pre and post-trip vehicle inspection, and support many state rules as well as federal, including oil field exemptions.

In addition, the service will support the use of either ruggedized tablets for long life or low cost Android tablets, and connection to electronic logging devices in order to obtain engine data and provide electronic verification of the status the driver enters into the app.  Customers can optionally elect to obtain the Mobile Worker option to optimize driver efficiency via electronic work orders.

Current partners have identified a need to enhance their core fleet applications with an integrated, compliant, and easy-to-use application with significant back-office support.  VisTracks’ software was selected because of its adherence to these principles, development flexibility, and commitment to strong support.

SnapTraq Hours of Services is available in the following product configurations for resale:

  • SnapTraq Hours of Service
  • SnapTraq Hours of Service Pro which adds storage and display of engine data
  • SnapTraq Mobile Worker which adds electronic work orders and response between back office and driver
  • SnapTraq Hours of Service Full Service which includes all of the above

Key features of SnapTraq Hours of Service are:

  • DOT and many States compliance, Oil Field exemption
  • Warning of impending violations, tracking existing violations
  • Synchronization with the back office portal for improved fleet management, minimization of fines
  • Electronic Logging Device Support
  • Edit and audit capabilities, support of multiple tablets and drivers
  • Ease of Use
  • API’s for partner custom portal integration


“We are excited to announce our new Hours of Service managed services” says Abraham Levine, Chief Operating Officer of VisTracks.  “The complexity of Federal and State rules, coupled with the need to be as easy to use as possible by truck drivers and back-office personnel, in addition to being highly affordable, presented several design and implementation challenges to both VisTracks and its competitors.  We believe that we have more than succeeded with a sophisticated but easy to use service with several key differentiators.”

About VisTracks

VisTracks is a leading provider of software and managed services for electronic logging of driver hours of services, vehicle and asset tracking and inspection, electronic work orders, and other services which enable fleets large and small to benefit from compliance and increased efficiencies in an extremely easy-to-use driver app and back-office portal. Services are designed to be sold by fleet and telematics companies, as well as wireless carriers and other channels. For more info visit