Compliance Support Center

With the increased focus on enforcement of the ELD rules, it is essential that software providers and their partners offer a compliance center to deal with complex ELD rules, sophisticated interactions between hardware devices on the engine and the ELD app software in the truck cab, and all the situations truck drivers could find themselves confronting. They need someone to call who can help them understand how to modify a log, why they show a violation, why devices are not connecting and hundreds or thousands of other questions.

Many software or service providers, either developers or resellers, are not equipped to handle a support-intensive product such as ELD. The addition of the new VisTracks compliance center will enable them to provide expert help to their customers. Compliance center agents are highly trained in VisTracks’ ELD products and are conveniently located near one of VisTracks’ software development facilities for added support. The compliance center service is also attractively priced to fit into resellers’ and partners’ cost structures.