The standalone DVIR product (aka DVIR-only) provides the administrative tools and smooth driver experience you expect from Omnitracs VisTracks while slimming down the feature set to exclusively DVIR-focused. This allows you to leverage the DVIR functionality across mixed fleets. The DVIR-only features are made available to a non-ELD driver via the same application so there is no need to install anything new. A DVIR-only user will log in and be limited to the DVIR screen, where they may select vehicles and trailers, review previous DVIRs, conduct inspections, mark repairs, take pictures, and certify the DVIR with pdfs that are shared immediately with the administrative portal. Just like with the combined product, the administrative features allow you to customize the DVIR forms assigned to the drivers and provides tools to monitor your fleet health such as alerts, reports, and real-time updates on DVIRs as they are conducted.