Partner with VisTracks

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The VisTracks Web Services and APIs allow partners to easily integrate their systems with the VisTracks ELD Platform

Server Integration

Uses Industry standard REST architecture for the APIs
Uses the JSON lightweight data-interchange format


  • Integrate driver available hours with route planning systems
  • Pre-populate driver shipping manifest with back office
  • Automatically alert mechanics for DVIR failed inspection points

Mobile Device/Clients Integration

Uses Android Intents


  • Integrate driver delivery location with the bar code scanning application
  • All ELD events are published using industry standard Intents for consumption by other mobile device applications

Commonly Used APIs

API documentation can be found at

Server APIs

  • Drivers – Add, Edit, Delete drivers
  • Driving Events – On duty, Off duty, Sleeper,….
  • Driving Hours – Used hours, Remaining, Shift, Cycle, Break…
  • DVIR – Completed, Failed inspection points, Images taken by driver…
  • Shipping Manifest
  • Vehicle Location
  • Engine Data – Diagnostics trouble codes…

Mobile APIs

  • Driving Events
  • Location
  • DVIR – Inspection Points
  • Engine Data

Partner Case Study

Partner integrated with their Kronos Time System
• Driver “punches in” using the Kronos System and an ON DUTY driver event is automatically in the VisTracks ELD System
• Driver “punches out” and an OFF DUTY driving event is automatically in the VisTracks ELD System

• The VisTracks ELD System pushes the required 30 minute break to the Kronos System or other time keeping system

Partner Case Study

Partner integrates their pickup and delivery application with the VisTracks ELD Mobile Application

• Single Sign On: The VisTracks ELD application login and logout
automatically logs in/logs out the driver in the pickup and delivery
• Vehicle speed and location is passed to the delivery application
• When driver stops at delivery location the Vistracks Mobile Application
automatically populates the shipping manifest