The VisTracks Hours of Service uses industry standard REST architecture API’s allowing for easy integration with existing Time and Attendance systems.  Integrating the VisTracks Hours of Service solution with time and attendances enables drivers to clock-in and out using and automatically transfers the timestamps into ELD OnDuty and OffDuty events, ensuring that drivers have 100% accurate logs while providing the billing convenience of Time and Attendance offerings.  Using web services the transfers are seamless, real-time, and automatic.  The system is built using an AWS-based engine that polls the time and attendance APIs to gather real-time clock events and passes the events to the VisTracks ELD AWS-based back-office.  Then, when the driver logs onto the VisTracks ELD these events are automatically transferred to the mobile device running the VisTracks software providing accurate logs.

Owen Galvin, Director of Engineering, says “The goal for this project is to provide solid, uneditable billing hours, with a seamless transition to the corresponding Duty Status for the driver. They simply clock in and clock out, and this integration will set the driver to OnDuty or OffDuty respectively.  These timestamps also ensure that the driver has an accurate log, and protects the Motor Carrier from inaccurate time records in the event of a DOT audit.”

VisTracks ELD product consists of the Reseller-branded VisTracks’ DOT-compliant and certified tablet app and portal, together with a tablet or smartphone in the vehicle, along with a certified hardware device attached to the engine that transmits data via Bluetooth, WiFi Direct, WiFi or a wired serial interface to the tablet. This solution will enable drivers to keep electronic logs of their driving status, be warned of impending violations, provide for pre- and post-trip vehicle inspection, and follow additional state and federal rules as well as Canadian rules.

Key Features of VisTracks Hours of Service include:

  • All 317 FMCSA tests passed together with all supported hardware
  • Reseller-branded app, portal and collateral available,
  • Ease of reseller certification under their own name on FMCSA website
  • Very easy to use, geared to non-technical drivers
  • Full featured app with several unique features for both HOS, DVIR and IFTA
  • Synchronized portal for near real time back office management
  • Numerous APIs for customization and integration with Fleet software applications
  • Support for Android and iOS