Hours of Service

A Turnkey ELD Solution for Your Clients

  • Totally white labelled
  • FMCSA certified
  • Easy to use
  • Outstanding Trucker Shield support

VisTracks™ Hours of Services is a powerful but easy to use tablet and portal-based service certified with US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations for electronic logs and vehicle inspections. Regulations for electronic driving and vehicle inspection logs have become commonplace to ensure the veracity of driver tablet/smartphone input and ensured compliance with regulations. VisTracks Hours of Service is compliant with federal and state regulations as well as Canadian and Mexican regulations.

VisTracks Hours of Service is designed to be sold by those companies which sell software and other products and services to fleets large and small. VisTracks Hours of Service is not sold directly to end customers, and is completely white-labelled. Its feature set and ease of use makes it the ideal product to both retain existing customers, or avoid significant development expense and time to market in developing such a product set.

VisTracks Hours of Service is a tablet or smartphone-based app that is fully FMCSA-certified and provides both hours of service and DVIR support in addition to data for State Mileage reporting.  VisTracks Hours of Service uses an Android or iOS-based tablet or phone and an ELD (electronic logging device, hardware purchased separately) for electronic logs and vehicle inspections.  Several state driving rules exemptions and exceptions, such as for oil fields are supported.

VisTracks Hours of Service adds a full-featured hosted portal that provides the ability to monitor drivers in the fleet, examine and edit logs as necessary, set up custom inspection categories, view reports (including state mileage), and administer drivers (such as adding or deleting drivers).  The portal and tablet/smartphone stay in synchronization to provide back-office employees a near real time view of their fleet.

A key differentiator for VisTracks Hours of Service is the ability to support numerous Android tablet brands as well as iOS tablets and phones.  An owner-operator, for example, can purchase an inexpensive Android tablet or use his/her smartphone and be fully compliant using VisTracks Hours of Service.  In addition, over 20 best of breed that have a broad price range. Most other Hours of Service vendors require the customer to purchase custom hardware which is expensive and difficult to upgrade.  VisTracks Hours of Service provides total flexibility for hardware selection and monetary investment.

Other differentiators include:

  • Enhanced and Customized Inspections
  • Unlike other providers, our portal’s log grid clearly shows violations
  • Slip Seat and Team Driving
  • Offline support – disconnected operation
  • Automatic retry for loss of connectivity with the ELD
  • Two-way integration of portal edits with the device including full edit logging
  • Fully integrated portal backend for driver dashboard at home office, feature rich, fully synchronized with tablet and all HOS product options
  • Ability to control tablet settings from the portal, such as disabling driver log edits on the tablet/smartphone by the driver
  • Ability to filter log edit reports on portal by consistent codes from a drop down menu—not available on other products which only support free-form entries of reasons for an edit which are difficult to sort by and track
  • Easy to use, minimal training required, on-screen documentation to minimize errors and support costs
  • Easy to use administration tools for account, vehicle and driver management
  • Supports both AOBRD and ELD in the same app so when the grandfather period is up there is no additional training needed
  • We will help you self-certify to appear on the FMCSA approved vendor list

In addition:

  • Mobile Worker – mobile work orders and job assignments
  • Custom hardware support (separate fee)